Want to make an impact?

Personalise your vehicle for work or pleasure with custom-colour alloys and custom designs. Wherever you drive, people will know.

That’s because, changing the colour of your wheels changes the look of your entire vehicle:

  • Alloys can be colour-matched to your vehicle’s paintwork for near-unlimited options
  • Strong colours of black, white, gun metal or silver are often favoured for custom-alloys
  • Vibrant colours make a visual statement for a head-turning vehicle with a stand-out look
  • Colours and designs can reflect your business logo for on-the-go advertising

Alloy customisation takes place at our workshop. You can bring your vehicle in, or if you prefer we offer vehicle collection and delivery.

With new wheels your vehicle will radiate personal style or make a distinctive brand statement for your business. Ask us about custom paint effects.


Custom process

We use specialist paints known as ‘dips’ to achieve your desired custom finish. At our workshop, wheels are removed and thoroughly cleaned, dried and prepared. Then the wheels are custom-painted, with multiple layers gradually building up the thickness of the finish and the colour design. Surface patterns, graphic designs and company logo elements can be incorporated with hydrographic custom-dipping, which enables a design to be printed onto the 3D surface of the wheel. When the right look has been achieved the wheels are cured and a protective coating added. Then tyres are refitted to your custom wheels and your custom wheels are fitted to your newly customised vehicle.