Sometimes only new will do. So if it’s time for new tyres, then we can provide them.

We can supply any make of tyre, recommended for your vehicle, within your budget. And because we specialise in alloy wheels you can be certain that we’ll fit your tyres without compromising the finish of your alloys.

  • If you want to add new tyres with your alloy refurbishment, just ask.
  • If you need to replace a worn tyre at any time, give us a call.
  • Our mobile service can come to you or you can visit our workshop, just contact us for an appointment.
Replacing tyres

We can simply provide you with the tyre (in the case of a spare) or we can supply and fit tyres for you. If so, we remove your worn or damaged tyres and dispose of them safely for you. Then we replace the old tyre with a brand new tyre recommended for your vehicle. Wheel nuts are torqued to manufacturers’ recommended standards. Tyres are inflated to the required pressure. Wheels are rebalanced. You’re ready to go.

Need new tyres

New tyres