When alloy wheels need to be restored to their pristine original look, this normally entails a full refurbishment.

Our mobile refurbishment service can put right wheel damage and transform the look of alloys with a professional finish, perfectly colour-matched to the original. With mobile refurbishment prices from just £40 per wheel plus VAT for retail customers, it’s a smarter approach then spending on a new set of wheels.

Typical issues we eradicate:

  • Scuff and chips to wheel rims if the vehicle is kerbed when parking
  • Damage to the paint and finish of the wheel
  • Chips to the face of the wheel from loose stones
  • Corrosion or surface bubbling from wet weather and road salt

If you’re about to return a prestigious leased vehicle you can save substantially, by avoiding penalty charges. If you’re the owner, you’ll enjoy your new-look wheels. New tyres can be fitted to complete the transformation. So call us to restore your alloys to their original glory.

We can organise diamond cutting, wheel straightening or crack welding too. Ask for details.

What’s involved?

We come to you, when it’s convenient to complete the refurbishment. In some instances, we recommend that more complex work takes place at our workshop. To refurbish alloy wheels, we take off the wheels and mask the tyres. The surface is gently blasted to remove the old finish. Specialist equipment and treatments are used to make good any damage or corrosion. The wheels are heat-treated before the colour-coded, manufacturer approved, paint coatings are applied and the wheels are heat-cured. Protective lacquer is applied, and the wheel cured for a professional finish. Wheels are refitted to manufacturer standards.

Diamond cutting, wheel straightening and crack welding are outsourced client services organised to order.