If your alloy wheels are less than perfect, don’t put up with it. Put it right!

Scuffs, chips and surface blemishes do happen. Even with the most careful owner. And when your alloys have visible imperfections it can affect the look and resale value of your entire vehicle. So it makes sense to correct the things that can be corrected.

Alloy wheels which have sustained minor damage to the finish in small areas are ideal for mobile repair. With our mobile alloy repair service, we target the specific problem area until we’ve resolved the issue and then the entire alloy is brought back to its spotless condition.

Following the repair, we refit the wheels, torqued to manufacturer recommendations. If you prefer, new tyres can be provided for that just-off-the-forecourt look. We aim to keep it simple so that you can get your alloys sorted without any fuss. Give us a call.


How is it done?

To complete the mobile repair, we take off the affected wheel and mask the tyre. The surface is cleaned to remove any grime, loose lacquer or paint, as well as ensure paint adhesion. Then we put right the problem. This can entail specialist tools, precision sanding and use of metal fillers. Then the whole wheel is coated with the correct colour-code paint and professionally lacquer-sealed for durability.

In cases where the wheel has sustained major repair, we put things right at our workshop.

We can even organise crack welding, wheel straightening or diamond cutting, if that’s what’s needed.

Repair process

Need a repair